IBC CCTV provides designing, installing and setting up CCTV system and Network Security System such as Analog, IP and Wireless surveillance cameras including specialists in installing surveillance cameras wires which are RG6 cable, LAN cable and optic fiber cable. You can trust that we can install CCTV systems which are small system and large system with high quality and reasonable price. We are the professional in network cabling, CCTV, and Wireless Network Systems more than 14 years with more than 400 customers.

IBC CCTV Services

  • Design and install Analog, IP and Wireless surveillance cameras.
  • Selling and installation DVR System and NAS System for IPsurveillance camera
  • Design and install CCTVnetwork cables which are RG6 cable, LAN cable, and optic fiber cable.
  • Selling F.O. media convertor and UTP Balun.
  • Selling and installation Security System such as Finger Scan and Access Control systems.

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